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You Can’t Miss Out On These Breaking NFT Project Launches

Investors, collectors, gamers, and anybody else interested in obtaining unique products are still flocking to the NFT market.



NFTs have seen a 2,500 percent rise in trading volumes in Q1 2021, and have achieved an overall valuation of over $2 billion on some platforms dedicated to trading Non-Fungible Tokens, therefore DeFi is relinquishing its role as the major hype-maker and volume-breaker.

The industry is becoming so popular that famous celebrities and venues are boarding the NFT bandwagon. This week, Miami will host an NFT BAZL as well as a two-day virtual NFT Summit focused on the sector and its possibilities.

With so much already happening and creating such a frenzy in terms of both technology and finance, it’s only natural to assume that the surge in NFT-related enterprises is heating up and promising to give a plethora of exciting ventures.

The following is a list of some of the more exciting NFT debuts that everyone should keep an eye on, salivating at the promises that the next items have to give in terms of top-notch entertainment and possible financial worth.


Memecoin YooShi, a DeFi-oriented currency running on the Binance Smart Chain, is the first NFT project in the lineup. YooShi provides its holders with all of the benefits of decentralized finances that gamers and token holders have gotten accustomed to, in addition to a colorful metaverse full of fun and nonstop challenges. The YooShi metaverse, where players are plunged into multiple sub-game universes established by community members, has it all: NFT yield farming, play-to-earn, and prize distributions. Players can create their own businesses or find regular employment in the metaverse for a chance to earn some highly sought YooShi as part of the bombardment of jobs and minigames, converting the process of production and trade from a mundane work into a pleasurable gameplay experience.

YooShi uses token burns and a new auto-liquidity function to swiftly raise the liquidity level within the universe, in addition to taking advantage of all the benefits of the Binance Smart Chain. YooShi is primarily focused on catering to the community and bridging the gap between token issuers and holders for a wholesome, gamified earning experience for all involved by combining a variety of DeFi mechanisms and providing developers with a convenient toolset for building their own universes inside the game.


Bit.Country is a fully established DAO that lets all of its users to build and customize a 3D voxel world metaverse. The project is so ambitious and tied to the real world that it has already carried out a full-fledged experiment involving the migration of over 150 average internet users into its metaverse, rewarding them with MVPC tokens for engaging in the world by posting quality content, leaving comments, and interacting with other users.

Bit.Country allows users to do or build anything they want, whether it’s a business, an event, an expo, or even a reenactment of a simple walk in the park, using a simple constructor that empowers participants with tools that blur the border between the virtual and real worlds. Bit.Country has what it takes to attract a serious following, thanks to its advanced decentralized and peripheral visualization technologies, which attracted over $4 million in seed funding from such titans as Animoca Brands – the brains behind hit games like CryptoKitties, The Sandbox, F1 Delta Time, and others.

Wilder World

Wilder World, an immersive 3D environment held together and managed entirely by NFTs, is another candidate for investors’ and NFT market observers’ attention. The initiative will be launched in partnership with Zero.Space, a decentralized metaverse that allows users to share, trade, and create with their peers. Wilder Planets allows users to explore multi-leveled, photorealistic, and mixed reality realms and worlds as Wilders, thanks to its large foundation. The Wilders are gamers who have complete freedom to travel the infinite virtual globe, gathering unique goods, purchasing land plots, and generally exhibiting themselves through avatars, decorative goods, fashion statements, and other means.

Wilder Worlds is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is absolutely intent on making it big in the realm of NFTs, with a fully community-governed approach to traction. Given that all of the goods dispersed around the numerous worlds of Wilder are one-of-a-kind and produced by fans and players, the opportunity to sell them for a small fortune is significant and worth considering.

Trace Network

Last but not least, there’s Trace Network, a fully decentralized finance protocol with advanced identification solutions built in to increase the quality of available product and ownership management procedures – all via NFTs, of course. Trace Network, an enterprise-grade DeFi protocol focused on the fashion, lifestyle, and luxury goods sectors, has already announced the creation of its own marketplace, aptly dubbed BLING, which will serve as a Limited Edition Luxury and Lifestyle NFT Marketplace.

BLING will leverage the Polygon network to speed NFT purchases and make the process even simpler and more efficient for new and inexperienced users, as part of its mission to function as a bridge between real-world items and virtual Non-Fungible Tokens representing a unique premium product. Apart from BLING, Trace Network is planning to launch a white label stablecoin backed by its native token, which will be utilized for on-chain settlements and accounts.

Up And At Em’

Despite the current digital currency market fall, NFTs are not going away, demonstrating once again that nothing beats the attractiveness and application of blockchain-based assets when they are connected to real-world objects – notably in the luxury or entertainment industries. The mind boggles with the potential that decentralized technologies still have in store, especially with so much creativity pouring in each of the initiatives being placed on the market.


Enjin is Working on a Digital Version of Egypt’s Pyramids

Collectors will be able to deploy iconic Egyptian monuments, such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx, on virtual platforms as part of the NFT’s limited edition.



According to the press release, Enjin, a leading participant in the virtual artifact and NFT market, it would develop NFT versions of the most iconic Egyptian landmarks, including the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx.

Virtual Worlds, Enjin’s project partner, has more than 20 years of experience digitizing historical objects. This will be the first time major historical monuments have been used as NFT tokens, allowing for new ways to engage with painstakingly authentic replicas of landmarks all across the world. The Unreal Engine will be used in the NFT renditions of the Egyptian monuments, along with photogrammetry scans of 60K resolution, to create the most accurate digital duplicate of the artefacts.

NFT Gaming Industry

Enjin and Virtual Worlds intend to use the knowledge gained from copying Egyptian monuments as NFT to create 3D worlds in which users can search for new NFTs that will be instantly transferred to them via smart contracts, as well as participate in treasure hunts that will reward them with Enjin tokens.

Real-world item models, such as the Picchu Mast, will have its own collection of NFT relics in addition to the typical computer game artifacts like sarcophagi, chariots, scepters, and sculptures. The NFT will then be integrated into Enjin’s VR and AR apps, as well as other 3D games.

They’ll be exchanged on unique NFT marketplaces based on the JumpNet Enjin blockchain, as well as more traditional analogs like Ethereum, Polkadot, and Efinity.


They’ll be exchanged on unique NFT marketplaces based on the JumpNet Enjin blockchain, as well as more traditional analogs like Ethereum, Polkadot, and Efinity.

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Marvel NFT Marketplace Binance Smart Chain is the Newest Addition to the Binance Smart Chain Family

The Marvel Non-fungible Token Marketplace Aims to Bring Together Cryptocurrency Dealers and NFT Collectors.



Fans of Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) can now trade and collect on a new NFT marketplace. NFT Marvel is the world’s first and only token designed particularly for Marvel Comics fans who wish to interact with the characters while also earning investments.

The NFT Marvel Marketplace is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Assets can be converted into NFT tokens by creators. The marketplace’s universe revolves around Marvel fan tokens (MV). Each engagement on the platform earns you MV tokens.

Interactions can include the creation of digital artwork and its dissemination to the general audience. Users can also send the NFT art they’ve developed as a gift. MV tokens are earned for each gift sent. The platform has stated that it will deliver MV token holders bespoke NFT presents at random.

While not hired by Marvel, the NFT Marvel founders anticipate that the Marvel community will help to keep the project going and expand it further. To reflect this, they created the token metric technique.

The transaction is subject to a 6% tax levy, which is divided into three parts, for each trade. MV will allocate 2% to all holders in order to increase the value and ownership of the company. To ensure the long-term viability of MV, 2% will be contributed to the liquidity pool on Pancake Swap. The remaining 2% will be incinerated at the end.

BSC enables the marketplace to provide low-cost, near-instant transactions. This is significant since NFT fees have been identified as a significant barrier to mainstream adoption.

Crypto-comic Books are on the Way

As interest in crypto grows, so does interest from new genres of popular culture. Comics and comic book collections are one of the most recent subgroups to emerge. Artists have a practically limitless number of options thanks to the large variety of comic books and characters available. When you consider that many true Marvel and DC artists are entering the NFT space, things start to look quite interesting for fans.

Despite the widespread interest in comics and nonfiction books, not all of it is favorable. While former Marvel or DC artists releasing new work of their famous topics pleases the fans, the businesses themselves are not thrilled. In reality, both Marvel and DC have gone to considerable lengths to punish artists who profit from their characters.

Jose Delbo, an 87-year-old artist who previously worked on Wonder Woman and Transformers, is the clearest example of this. Delbo built an NFT collection featuring largely Wonder Woman art, which he sold for approximately $2 million.

The artwork was described as a limited-edition, signed digital production, with non-commercial rights granted to the winner. While both Marvel and DC agree that in the past, comic book artists were permitted to earn from pencil and ink drawings as a professional courtesy, selling digital art for millions of dollars may be overstepping the mark.

“The offering for sale of any digital photographs incorporating DC’s intellectual property with or without NFTs, whether rendered for DC’s publications or rendered outside the limits of one’s contractual engagement with DC, is not permitted,” said Jay Kogan, senior VP of legal affairs at DC Comics.

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As New NFT Collection Drops Art Blocks Surges 500%

In the last seven days, sales totaled $1.4 million.



Art Blocks, an Ethereum-based digital storefront for programmable art projects, has seen a tremendous increase in sales and transaction volume. The introduction of a collection in partnership with Sotheby’s auction house, which contains digital art from the first 19 selected projects on Art Blocks, has sparked the initiative.

The platform’s NFT sales have surged by about 200 percent to 952, resulting in $1.4 million in transaction volume. According to DappRadar, this surge in activity has pushed Art Blocks to 7th place in the overall NFT collection rankings. Surprisingly, the average price of an NFT sale on Art Blocks in the last seven days has been roughly $1,500. Importantly, Art Blocks is coming closer to Rarible, the premier NFT collections platform, as a result of the recent surge in traders and sales.

Natively Digital

Natively Digital is the name of the NFT art auction event, which is one of four high-profile NFT sales by Sotheby’s in 2021. The 19 pieces of art sold for a total of $81,900, with each item selling for roughly $4,300 on average. Looking at the individual component floor prices on Art Blocks, it appears that objects were sold for a low price. On OpenSea, a Ringer art NFT would sell for at least 4.5 ETH or roughly $9,000, while Nimbuds has a floor price of 0.49 ETH or roughly $1200. The winning bidder in the Sotheby’s auction appeared to have gotten a good deal on all 19 pieces.

Drops Run Activity

Each of the 19 artworks in the Sotheby’s collection is unique in its own right because it was one of the first to be created on the Art Blocks platform. The NFT marketplace has certainly benefited from the attention of both the crypto art community and the Sotheby’s art community.

Importantly, sales of digital art at Sotheby’s are not tracked on-chain, therefore the data displayed on DappRadar does not reflect this. What’s happening is that the high-profile collection is causing a domino effect, with another drop driving awareness and usage of the platform.

Another cause for the uptick in traffic could be a drop released in conjunction with Tyler Hobbs on June 7th. The Fidenza collection, created by a visual artist from Texas, is said to be the artist’s most adaptable algorithm to date. “While the program maintains focused on organized curves and blocks, the variety in scale, organization, texture, and color utilization it can employ creates a vast range of creative possibilities,” the creator adds.

As a surge of interest in digital collectibles swept the globe in 2021, we saw both Sotheby’s and Christie’s connect with NFT art collections. Sotheby’s was also engaged in the recent sale of a rare Alien CryptoPunk, which sold for more over $11 million. More intriguing is the fact that, despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market appears to be entering a bear market, NFT sales are still strong. Last week, sales of NBA Top Shot increased by 50% week over week, but digital collectibles on Wax appear to be untouched by the price drop.

What is Art Blocks?

Users choose a style they prefer, pay for the job, and an algorithm creates a randomly generated version of the content that is transferred to their Ethereum account. A static image, 3D model, or interactive experience could be the end product.

Each output is unique, and the sorts of content that may be developed on the platform are virtually limitless. The generative script is written to the blockchain, which distinguishes the Art Blocks platform from others. The NFTs that are minted as a result are not controlled or curated by the artist, and the program’s output is a complete surprise to everyone.

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