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Top NFT Galleries to Visit in Person in 2021 as Digital Transforms into Physical

This year, nine in-person NFT galleries and shows have opened or will open, and one of them may be near you.



People who want to leave their residences and experience their region or country can ride the nonfungible token wave with actual exhibitions and galleries that will open in the second half of 2021 — some of which have already opened their doors — as restrictions appear to be lessening for many.

Is there going to be one in your region soon? Is there one that’s already open? Are you planning a domestic or international trip and wish to visit a medium of art that appears out of reach?

Let’s take a look at nine galleries from Australia, Europe, and the United States that are blurring the barrier between reality and the Metaverse, as well as a handful that can only be seen in the Metaverse.

Le’s get going!

The Museum of Art and Philosophy: Hobart, Australia

The Museum of Art and Philosophy in Australia, an NFT-focused exhibition, will include artists who were previously featured in its print periodicals, New Philosopher and Womankind. The exhibit’s curators decided that a real exhibition would be a terrific way to display NFTs in a way that allows visitors to walk in and see them for themselves after researching the NFT explosion.

From June 16 to 22, the opening will coincide with Hobart’s “Dark Mofo” festival, inviting everyone to come discover what NTFs are all about.

Out East

Two Russian galleries are planned or have already organized galleries and shows to showcase and educate people about contemporary art and NFTs. These galleries intend to open their doors to the world of digital art and NFTs, just as they have to football fans.

Underground Museum: Moscow, Russia

Visitors to the Underground Museum in Moscow’s Zaryadye Park can witness works by modern Russian artists as well as a few features by Russian NFT artists. The pieces and exhibition will rotate every two weeks, and the NFTs on display in this gallery will be auctioned off on Rarible.

Here’s an excerpt from Fayaz Azizov’s NFT film “Waves” from the second “Sovrisk #Onstream” exhibition, which premiered on May 20.

Hermitage Museum: St. Petersburg, Russia

Although little is known about the exhibition’s actual opening, the world-renowned Hermitage Museum is planning to open a gallery presenting and discussing NFT art, as well as presenting lectures led by ITMO University speakers and museum officials and curators. This research will be the first in Russia to evaluate the utility of NFTs and the ways in which their work can challenge existing copyright control and ownership.

Heading West

Three European galleries have devoted themselves to exhibiting NFTs, revealing how the new era of digital and blockchain art has the potential to create a new art movement.

Kiwie Space: Riga, Latvia

The Kiwie 1001-hosted Kiwi Space showroom features a variety of NFT artists and their contributions to the NFT space. This public exhibition, held at the 100-year-old Galerija Centrs, features up-and-coming NFT artists as well as all that is new in the digital art sphere, as voted by Kiwie 1001’s Discord users. The exhibition began in early June, so if you want to support emerging artists and a potential sector, make your way to Riga.

Francisco Carolinum Linz: Linz, Austria

The “Proof of Art” exhibition, which runs from June 11 to September 15, is billed as “one of the world’s first displays of everything NFT: the history, applications, future projections, and the implications that nonfungible tokens will have on the art world.”

The museum’s focus will be on educating visitors about the world of NFTs, ensuring that the general public is aware of what is going on and how it all works. To bring the enthusiasm home, Francisco Carolinum Linz has built its museum online using Ethereum-based Cryptovoxels, ensuring that anyone interested in learning about NFTs may do so in a pleasant environment.

Museum of Modern African Art: Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is the last week to view the first NFT gallery to open in Amsterdam, featuring pictures of African kings and queens, which is a feat of perfection. This artist, also known as “The Portraitist,” has an exhibition of NFTs of African rulers on show at the Museum of Modern African Art (MoMAA), which is one of the first to publicly represent African art and history on the blockchain and in the NFT community. The Portraitist’s work will be on display until June 18.

Heading into the New World

This summer, three noteworthy exhibitions will debut in the United States, as citizens relish the fresh air and open galleries. They join together with one purpose in mind: to promote the world of NFT art. They span three different regions of the country and three different cities, each with its own unique culture and atmosphere.

Blackdove: Miami, FL

With Miami increasingly becoming a hotbed for all things blockchain, the Blackdove gallery is a perfect fit for changing people’s minds about NFTs. With more than 100 NFT art pieces contributed by more than 50 foreign artists, this exhibit is destined to make ripples in the crypto community.

Visitors to Blackdove, which opened on June 3, have the option to purchase an NFT on the spot, allowing them to directly support artists while also having the opportunity to possess a piece of this new modern, digital art.

imnotArt: Chicago, IL

The designers of the imnotArt metaverse decided to expand out into the streets of Chicago with the city’s first brick-and-mortar NFT gallery after building their own online NFT gallery.

The gallery debuted on June 3 and advertised itself as “not a pop-up.” The gallery’s creators hope to pioneer a new approach to bring physical reality and the Metaverse together, resulting in a setting unlike any other in the world.

Bright Moments: Venice Beach, CA

Bright Moments, a Venice Beach gallery, is showcasing NFTs and bringing the virtual world into reality as a way of welcome beachgoers to the world of NFTs. Furthermore, the gallery hosts art displays, lectures, and other events, with more on the way, all aimed at educating visitors and offering a fun, new setting for NFT believers and doubters alike.

Stuck at Home?

Despite the fact that much of the excitement revolves around visiting these physical galleries in person, there are still galleries in the Metaverse that you can visit from the comfort of your own home, such as Francisco Carolinum Linz and the Museum of Crypto Art in Somnium Space.

There are numerous ways to join the NFT train, with new galleries opening in both the actual and virtual worlds. So, no matter whether platform is best for you, the excitement can be found anywhere.


Why Did an Investor Spend $170,000 on a CryptoPunk NFT?

In a recent interview, NFT collector “Gmoney” explained why he spent so much money on “a 24 × 24 pixel image.”



In January, the anonymous NFT collector “Gmoney” spent $170,000 on a CryptoPunk NFT.

In January, a “Puerto Rico-based, karaoke-loving investor” purchased a CryptoPunk NFT for 140 $ETH (approximately $170,000 at the time). This move was dubbed “a flex” by Gmoney. “A general partner of Delphi INFINFT, a fund formed with crypto research and investment firm Delphi Digital that is focused on investing in NFT initiatives,” according to Gmoney.

Gmoney stated why he had spent so much money on the rare NFT in the following way:

In the real world, people do not pay thousands of dollars for a Rolex because of the watch’s practical value. A $5 watch might be used for the same purpose. It’s to ‘flex’ their social standing. I can easily ‘flex’ with an image by using an NFT as my avatar on Twitter and Discord.

Owning an NFT, according to Gmoney, has the same effect as wearing a Rolex in person, “but digitally.” He went on to say that owning a digital collectible also meant being a part of the NFT and crypto communities:

It’s natural to want to be a part of something and to want to be a part of a group, especially when their values are aligned.

Cooper Turley, well-known crypto and NFT investor, agreed that the developing NFT community was the “single most important component” of digital collectibles, telling CNBC that it was the “single most valuable aspect” of digital collectibles:

The most valuable component of NFTs is the community… NFTs are worthless without a community. The strength of an existing community, or the possibility for one to grow, is the primary basis of my NFT investment thesis.

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NFTs for Good Causes will be Showcased at a Hong Kong Event

The usage of digital tokens to advance UN sustainability goals is demonstrated at an NFT art exhibition.



Christie’s auction house sold a non-fungible token (NFT) image of a green-faced pixel avatar known as ‘Cryptopunk 9997’ for roughly US$4.3 million. Investors and collectors are currently interested in all types of NFTs, whether a simple pixel avatar or a finely crafted digital work of art.

NFTs are proven to be successful digital assets in various areas, including gaming, entertainment, and real estate. But, on the other hand, some people are starting NFTS to support issues like the environment and local communities.

By displaying NFTs for good, a new NFT exhibition in Hong Kong hopes to pioneer that positive spirit. The ImpactNFT Exhibition, which opens this Friday, will allow collectors and NFT aficionados to view and purchase digital artworks based on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including climate action, equal access to education, and gender equality.

Genesis Drop is one of the NFT artworks from Project Ark that will be on display during the show, and Romanian culture’s hand-painted eggs inspire it. In addition, project Ark, a carbon-neutral NFT marketplace, donates half of all earnings from Genesis Drop to the WWF in Romania, which is working to return the endangered European Bison back into the wild.

“By creating a win-win for artists, charities, and our partners, we want to show Hong Kong and the rest of the globe the power of NFTs for social and environmental impact,” said Roy Weissbach, Project Ark’s business development advisor.

NFTs from Earth.Org and the charitable art organization Sovereign Art Foundation will be on display, as will artwork by VintageMozart in support of the Nashulai Maasai Conservancy in East Africa NFTs minted for charity by eight Mexican artists.

The South China Morning Post (SCMP), based in Hong Kong, will also highlight its upcoming NFT auction in support of Operation Santa Claus (OSC), including new works by Hong Kong’s iconic visual and performance artist Frog King. SCMP and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) run Operation Santa Claus every year to raise funds for a local charity.

Aside from displaying NFT artworks, anti-wildlife trafficking organization Break The Chain will host an augmented reality (AR) demonstration produced by gaming and entertainment metaverse portal The Nemesis.

In support of the ImpactNFT exhibition, RioDeFi’s chief marketing officer Stephane Villedieu said,

“The world already knows that blockchain technology provides a decentralized infrastructure for a more transparent, safe, and efficient financial system.”

ImpactNFT Alliance, in collaboration with Project Ark and Sovereign Art Foundation, will curate the exhibition, which will run from October 15 to 24, at the Soho House Hong Kong. Online viewers can watch the show at,, and

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Shiba Inu Announces an NFT Sale

The $SHIB coin’s developers have announced the launch of a non-fungible token (NFT) sale.



Shiba Inu announced the launch of an NFT collection called “Shiboshis” in a recent Medium post. The subject of the NFT collection will be similar to that of the SHIB coin, highlighting the coin’s tongue-in-cheek nature.

According to the article, 10,000 Shiboshis will be created for the debut, which will happen this week. Users will acquire NFTs using $LEASH for the first 24-hours, then with a mix of $ETH and $LEASH after that.

According to the post, the first purchase will be made through the ShiboshiSwap website, customized to sell Shiboshis. After that, users will be able to transfer and exchange their NFTs on secondary markets like OpenSea.

The NFT collection will first be sold in tiers, with prices doubling when the first 3,000 Shiboshis are sold.

According to the report,

“Shiboshi costs are based on tiered pricing. The first 3,000 Shiboshis will cost 0.1 Eth (BUT must be purchased in Leash for the first 24 hours). Shout out to XFund once again providing an incredible Oracle to help with this calculation. The next 5,000 Shiboshis will cost 0.2 Eth (in Leash for 24hrs) and the final 2000 Shiboshis will cost 0.3 Eth (in Leash for the first 24hrs).We don’t expect that floor to last for long.”

According to the post, users will be able to rename their Shiboshis with $SHIB, with the spent funds resulting in a coin burn.

The report continues,

“Initially [Shiboshis] just have generic names like 00001, but you can name it Flytoshi Kahn or whatever you like for an additional fee of $100 paid in Shib. Whenever the name is changed, these funds are burnt to the Shib burn wallet. If everyone names their Shiboshis that will be a $1 MILLION dollar burn.”

Shiboshis will eventually be converted to characters in the Shiboshi game, allowing users to deploy their NFTs in strategic gameplay, with each having the potential for unique qualities, according to the blog post.

The Shiba Inu team posted a video yesterday explaining how individuals can purchase $LEASH tokens:

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