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The Mob Got To NFTs; is it time to bounce?

While a mob-themed NFT collection has been published, recent data indicates that the non-fungible token market has reached its peak.



The creators of a Las Vegas mafia attraction are releasing non-fungible tokens with digitized versions of real-life organized crime memorabilia.

The collection, dubbed “The Mob Experience,” features NFTs of items once owned by some of America’s most infamous gangsters. Among the historical objects are a handwritten letter from Al Capone to his son, written from Alcatraz; Meyer Lansky’s handwritten diaries; Bugsy Seigel’s handgun; and Mickey Cohen’s brass knuckles.

According to a recent press release, the collection will be auctioned off over a two-week period beginning today. Is “the mob’s” arrival on the token scene a little late, considering the drastic turn the NFT market has taken in the last month?

 According to data from, almost every measurable metric related to the selling of NFTs has dropped in the recent month. The number of NFT sales fell by 30% in the last month, from 179,656 to 124,371.

During the same time span, the number of active NFT wallets fell by 24%, while the number of specific NFT buyers fell by the same amount.

According to a recent Bloomberg survey, the average value of each purchased NFT fell by 70% in April. The average price charged for an NFT fell from $4,300 in February to $1,400 only a few months later.

Michael Evers, a cryptocurrency trader, inspired The Mob Experience to enter the NFT sector. Evers emphasized the rarity of converting a museum-quality collection into NFTs.

“A museum-quality collection has never been linked to the NFT market before. The chance for Mob fans and enthusiasts, as well as NFT owners, to own an exceptional and rare, One of a Kind piece of history is an exciting new first for the NFT marketplace,” said Evers.

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NFT Data Aggregator NFTGO is now Officially Released!

NFTGO recently announced that it was officially released!
This marks the beginning of a professional NFT data aggregation platform for NFT beginners, buyers and researchers.



For those who are unfamiliar, NFTGO is an aggregator that collects and visualizes real-time data around NFT assets and their trading volume across all chains, specifically Etheruem, Flow, BSC, Polkadot, etc. As a result, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of NFT market trends and optimize your NFT purchase and investment decisions through the NFTGO platform.

Nowadays, NFTs have penetrated almost every industry. Based on blockchain technique, virtual assets have gained much attention because of their uniqueness, indivisibility, rarity, and verifiability in gaming, art, sports, media, etc.

When people first enter this virtual world, some questions are frequently asked: How to discover the most trendy & valuable NFT? How to purchase NFTs? What is the market trend of NFTs? How to know the return on investment?
How to evaluate my NFT assets?

Well, hold on, all these questions could be well answered on NFTGO. Building “The gateway to the NFT ecosystem” and revolutionize the NFT marketplace is why NFTGO, a professional and user-friendly NFT data aggregator, is designed and launched.

NFTGO offers its users several key services to better revolutionize the NFT ecosystem and solve the problems below:

  • Visualization of Market Data
  • Ranking
  • Asset Search Engine
  • MarketPlaces Aggregator
  • NFT Evaluator & Oracle
  • NFT Wallet

1. Visualization of Market Data‌

NFTGO collects and visualizes real-time data on NFT trading and asset across the network catering to users’ needs. As a result, users can gain a comprehensive understanding of NFT market trends and optimize their NFT purchase and investment decisions.

2. Ranking

NFTGO provides a multi-dimensional ranking of NFT-related indicators for users and investors. NFTGO also provides the latest rankings of assets, collections, holders, and whales based on its aggregated data.
Therefore, you could…

  • Discover high-value NFT projects and assets;
  • Track NFT whales;
  • Assess the investment value of NFTs and NFT tokens;
  • Trace NFT owners across the network;
  • Overview ranking based on total value and its increase of total market cap,
  • collection growth, asset value, the number of holders, holding value of whales, etc.

3. Asset Search Engine

NFTGO is just a “Google” with multi-functions in NFT fields, and it is much more needed currently. NFTGO aggregates high-quality NFT assets and builds a special index based on their metadata, allowing users to search for NFT assets in one platform and change their exploration of the NFT world more conveniently and efficiently.
After typing the asset you are looking for in the search bar, users can get overall data of the asset or collection, including their basic information, traders/total value/volume trends, NFT value, holders, liquidity, NFT assets, and deals, etc.

What’s more, you can search specific whale addresses on NFTGO and know their NFT holdings.

Take CryptoKitties as an example.
NFTGO provides users with the basic information on the NFT project they are looking for, like hyperlinks to its homepage, transaction coin(s), contract, rank, and asset category(in this case, collectibles). Besides, they can refresh to get the latest information, share it with friends or the community, and check likes to judge its popularity. Also, they can get information on its market performance and better their purchase and investment based on the statics of traders, total value, volume, NFTs launched holders and liquidity. Finally, specific information on its NFTs can also be found, including the value of its top hot NFTs and recently created NFTs. In addition, the prices of the latest deals can also be used as a gauge in investing NFTs of a similar kind.

What’s more, users can also refer to the top 10 NFTs and holders of the project as guidance for their foray into the NFT ecosystem.

4. MarketPlaces Aggregator

With the emergence and increase of decentralized NFT trading markets and lack of interoperability between different platforms, users have a greater demand for a platform that collects and shares NFT trading information and empowers them to buy and sell NFTs accordingly quickly.
Therefore, besides an asset search engine, NFTGO is also equipped with cross-platform trading information aggregation. As a result, the function can enable its users to get in-depth, comprehensive information on NFT trading and, more importantly, to get a better purchase experience with greater accessibility and efficiency.

5. NFT Evaluator & Oracle

Since the launch of CryptoKitties in 2017, the valuation of NFTs has always been hindered by several factors: Low market liquidity, NFT diversity, High speculation. However, in the Web3 world, data is the basis to drive the asset valuation. Diversified standards could be set and solved by NFTGO’s huge database and on-chain information with a series of research specialists. But, math is the truth, and data matters more.
Therefore, with a data aggregation engine hosting various basic and advanced indicators, NFTGO is building a set of NFT valuation models that keep abreast with the latest market conditions to equip its users with more insights.

To Da Moon

In the future, NFTGO aims to leap again to be an NFT “Disney Land” to create an integrated virtual economy with a complete set of experiences around NFT. With expansive opportunities waiting ahead in the promising NFT world, NFTGO is more than excited and courageous to change the game to da moon.




Discord: Telegram:

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FTX: Steph Curry Partnership and $290,000 NFT

FTX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a collaboration with Steph Curry and has seen a surge in activity on its NFT platform.



FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried revealed that the platform would now include an NFT marketplace, allowing its crowds of foreign and US users to manufacture, purchase, and sell the tokens on the Solana and Ethereum networks.

The first FTX NFT sells for more than $200,000

Shortly after its opening, the new marketplace was inundated with fish-related submissions, resulting in significant spamming. As a result, the company raised its $10 fee to $500 in order to significantly limit the number of spammers.

In a tweet, Bankman-Fried quickly announced a $500 one-time billing fee. “Due to a large number of submissions, many of which were just a photo of a fish,” tweeted the FTX CEO, “we are now charging a one-time $500 fee to submit NFTs.” “Hopefully, this will help to cut down on spam.”

One of the first notable incidents after the FTX marketplace’s launch was when the CEO of the crypto exchange witnessed his own test NFT listing sell for US$270,000.

Stephen Curry, a basketball superstar, has joined FTX as an ambassador

In other news, FTX has attracted Stephen Curry, one of basketball’s brightest stars, as its global ambassador, and he will receive an equity part in FTX Trading Limited. The exchange announced a press release on September 7.

According to the press release, the cooperation with the crypto exchange is the first in the crypto field for the basketball sensation.

“Curry’s investment in FTX Trading Limited strengthens the company’s position as the most trusted and fastest-growing marketplace for buying, selling, and trading Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and other digital assets. In addition, through numerous planned projects, he will take on the role of global ambassador to increase the reach of the FTX brand and tout the potential of cryptocurrency to new audiences throughout the world,” according to the news release.

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In 2021, Kraken Wants a European license. Creating an NFT Marketplace?

Kraken aims to go beyond cryptocurrency and the United States. The team is working on obtaining a European license and will most likely establish an NFT marketplace in the near future.



Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, does not want to fall behind in the battle to control the global cryptocurrency industry. Therefore it is working hard to expand outside of the United States.

Europe is the first and also the most difficult destination. However, Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken, revealed in an interview with the German news site Handelsblatt that the exchange is in the process of obtaining a license to operate lawfully on the continent.

Powell anticipates that everything will be completed by the end of 2021. He wouldn’t say how far along the talks are, but he did say that the company is particularly interested in Malta, Luxembourg, and Ireland, all of which the Kraken team is now in talks with.

Kraken vs. Coinbase

Obtaining this license is critical for Kraken’s development into international markets. The company had received regulatory permission in the United Kingdom, but the license lost its validity after Brexit because it could only be used in the United Kingdom.

Another noteworthy aspect of this strategic decision is that Kraken will compete with Coinbase in North America. This exchange recently became public and has a German license to operate.

Kraken, unlike Coinbase, is now uninterested in engaging with German regulations. Powell added that the corporation had spoken with Germany’s BaFin but that the country’s regulations were too complicated, restrictive, and expensive for the company to consider.

On the other hand, Kraken has one edge over Coinbase: The Wyoming Banking Board approved its application for a special purpose depository institution (SPDI) charter in mid-September 2020. Kraken was the first exchange in Wyoming to be granted SPDI bank status and the state’s first freshly established (de novo) bank since 2006.

DeFi Booster + Bank + NFT Marketplace

Kraken is focusing on other tactics to expand its impact inside the crypto sector in addition to its expansion into Europe.

The exchange is planning to go public, following in the footsteps of Coinbase. Powell noted that they are working through all of the complicated regulatory procedures, but that Coinbase’s direct listing has made things easier for them.

“We have a massive checklist with 1000 activities to complete. Coinbase was the first to go public, which is wonderful for us.”

Kraken is also considering entering the NFTs and Decentralized Finance markets. According to Powell, Kraken follows the scene of games like Axie Infinity and phenomena like Crypto Punks and offers its players access to the governance powers of DeFi token staking.

“We’d like to establish a marketplace where people may trade NFTs. In the future years, I believe we will see a variety of uses for NFTs.”

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