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The ‘Last Session’ Photoshoot by Kurt Cobain Will Be Sold as an NFT

On May 3rd, a photographer’s legendary pictures of Nirvana and the late rockstar will be auctioned off.



© Jesse Frohman

You can see them if you close your eyes: the leopard print top, the boyish trapper cap, and the white Jackie O sunglasses. The objects are unmistakable when worn together, but their wearer appears to be distinctive from every perspective. Maybe it’s because Kurt Cobain’s personality was like a flame: it could be bold and vivid at times, but only when it wasn’t chaotically flickering or struggling to stay alive.

Soon, Nirvana frontman’s last formal photoshoot, which took place only months before his death in the spring of 1994, will be available to one mega-fan to closely explore the intimate moments.

Jesse Frohman, a photographer, launched a website on Wednesday to auction off an NFT containing more than 100 photographs from that day, dubbed “The Last Session.” According to Frohman, several contact sheets and negatives had never been screened prior to the development of this drop, so some of the photographs had never been seen publicly. Anyone can view thumbnails of the images online starting at 12:00 p.m. ET on April 28th, but only buyers can receive the high-resolution versions.

The auction will begin at 12:00 p.m. ET on May 3rd and end at 6:00 p.m. ET on May 7th. The starting offer for the one-of-a-kind Holy Grail is 27.27 ETH, which is approximately equivalent to $72,000 USD at press time.

“Everyone was doing an individual picture here, an individual picture there, maybe a group of three here,” Frohman says of bundling 104 pictures together on a single NFT. “This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that will not be repeated.” He sees the shoot as a significant historical event that needs to be honored. Frohman compares going through all of the pictures in one sitting to watching a movie because of Cobain’s ever-shifting energy. He describes it as “like a movie review.”

Although purchasing “The Last Session” NFT is the only way to see the unseen images, there are other, more accessible alternatives. The “Nevermind Editions,” which consist of ten one-of-a-kind, individually colorized quadriptychs of Cobain, have a starting bid of 2.7 ETH ($7,000 USD). One of these is framed and hangs on the wall behind Frohman as he speaks with Rolling Stone over Zoom from his living room. He says, “In truth, Miley Cyrus bought that one in the same size.”

Finally, the “In Utero Editions” are the cheapest, consisting of 20 five-of-five, individually colorized portraits and group shots of Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. These can be purchased outright for 1 ETH (approximately $2,600 USD) with “buy it now.”

© Jesse Frohman

A part of the proceeds will be donated to the JED Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing suicide and promoting mental health among teenagers in the United States. When asked whether any of the proceeds would go to the Cobain Estate or living Nirvana members, Frohman says no such plans have been made. The estate, on the other hand, is completely aware of the project and, as Frohman points out, is already working with the JED Foundation.

Though Frohman has sold work through galleries and other third parties in the past, he has never sold directly to collectors, so NFTs excite him. “Every now and then, a celebrity or someone can contact me directly, but for the most part, I don’t have that connection,” he says, adding that NFTs often offer his photos “a different kind of life.” “In the crypto world, I consider Kurt to be an idol and a kind of hero. They like going against the grain. That’s what Kurt was to me. He was vehemently anti-establishment, and he was not afraid to say so. I believe the NFT art space would pique his interest.”

These NFTs are not available on any online marketplace by design. Instead, the website that hosts the collections was designed by Serotonin, a self-described “marketing firm and product studio for revolutionary innovations” that launched almost a year ago. (Serotonin was also in charge of the tech, assembling the NFTs and arranging the drop.)

© Jesse Frohman

“We believe that the perfect experience for any brilliant, artistic artwork is total, complete immersion with the artist and the story behind it,” says Matthew Iles, Serotonin co-founder and partner. “We asked ourselves, ‘How can we give people a direct link to Kurt, Nirvana, and, by extension, Jesse?’ There are some nice choices in the existing NFT marketplace environment, but none that are completely owned and dedicated.”

Serotonin and Frohman were both adamant about not representing Cobain as a commodity in a large, virtual warehouse when they saw the finished set, which is intended to respect his individualistic existence. Frohman says, “I couldn’t comprehend being around CryptoPunks and being surrounded by that culture.” “They’re in perfect condition. I just had the feeling [this series] was going to get lost. And I wasn’t able to say the whole story, including the shoot and the drop.” He desired greater influence over the presentation and discussion. “I just think it’s more interesting this way,” he says.


The Ethereum Metaverse’s NFT Real Estate Sells for a Record $913K

For Ethereum-based open world crypto metaverse game Decentraland, Republic Realm establishes a new all-time high-value LAND sale.



In the open-world metaverse game Decentraland, a virtual plot of land sold as an NFT for a record amount: more than $913,000, based on the price of the game’s Ethereum-based MANA money at the time.

For 1,295,000 MANA, the estate NFT, also known as a LAND token in the game, was sold. According to NonFungible’s data, this is the highest-valued LAND sale to date in terms of money. However, sales for greater MANA have occurred in the past when the currency was significantly less valuable. In November 2018, the record was set with 2,772,000 MANA, which was valued little under $211,000 at the time.

Republic Realm, a firm that invests in virtual real estate in crypto games, has claimed the new record purchase. Republic Realm is a division of Republic, an online investment platform that itself has notable investors, including AngelList, Binance, and Galaxy Interactive. Republic Realm has not yet disclosed how it plans to utilize the Decentraland estate, which is located in the game’s Dragon Kingdom district.

The business tweeted, “We can’t wait to disclose our enormous plans for this estate.” “We are more committed than ever to constructing and expanding the metaverse.”

Decentraland is an Ethereum-based online metaverse where players can freely explore the realm, engage with other players, and play games. The 3D game resembles a hybrid of virtual world pioneer Second Life and blocky sensation Minecraft, but with a blockchain-based twist of actual item ownership and a player-driven economy.

Decentraland isn’t the only blockchain-based game that revolves around digital land plots marketed as NFTs. Other Ethereum-based games that have made millions of dollars selling virtual real estate include The Sandbox and Axie Infinity.

In this example, Decentraland shattered an estate sale record set only a few weeks prior. Boson, a blockchain protocol, said earlier this month that it had purchased a Decentraland estate in the game’s valuable Vegas City sector for roughly $704,000, with ambitions to develop a virtual shop to market its decentralized infrastructure products.

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Tezos Joins McLaren Racing as a Blockchain and NFT Partner

McLaren Racing has announced a multi-year technical agreement to develop the NFT fan experience platform on Tezos, an energy-efficient blockchain network.



Tezos has been named as McLaren Racing’s Official Blockchain Partner in a new multi-year technological cooperation spanning Formula 1, INDYCAR, and esports, according to a press release.

McLaren will establish a non-fungible token platform with a focus on the fan experience, using the energy-efficient and upgradeable Tezos network.

Tezos NFTs

Tezos is an open-source asset and application blockchain that is constantly expanding and upgrading itself through efficient on-chain governance.

McLaren will create a specialized platform that will bring together its illustrious racing history and famous driver lineups across all of its teams to provide an unsurpassed NFT fan experience.

Tezos and McLaren believe that innovation is the key to long-term success. By embracing clean NFTs and energy-efficient networks, the impact of this new medium for sharing creative expression will not be diluted by excessive energy usage.

Tezos’ pioneering Proof of Stake mechanism is a substantially more energy-efficient technique to securing its network than typical Proof of Work blockchains, consuming two million times less energy than Proof of Work networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This enables Tezos to run in an environmentally friendly manner, with little energy use and a low carbon impact.

Teams With Tezos Branding

Tezos will be represented across the McLaren Formula 1 and Arrow McLaren SP teams as part of the agreement, including on the race suits of McLaren F1 drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Riccardo, as well as AMSP drivers Pato O’Ward and Felix Rosenqvist.

“Tezos and McLaren Racing joining forces to build a unique fan-focused NFT platform is an exciting and quickly evolving industry,” said Lindsey Eckhouse, McLaren Racing’s Director of Licensing, eCommerce, and esports.

She went on to say that the new relationship allows McLaren to enter a market where fans can own essential components of the team, and that the firm is excited to launch the platform with Tezos to create bespoke NFTs with our Formula 1, INDYCAR, and esports teams.

In the meantime, Hubertus Thonhauser, Chair of the Tezos Foundation, issued the following statement:

“We are pleased that McLaren Racing has opted to extend their NFT fan interaction platform to the Tezos blockchain, as it has one of the longest and most prestigious legacies in Formula One racing.”

“Blockchain as a concept is changing, getting faster, more secure, and more efficient,” he continued. This necessitates a blockchain capable of keeping up with the current rate of innovation. Tezos, the first and fastest-evolving blockchain, stays at the vanguard of innovation, providing real-world solutions in a robust and fast-growing ecosystem as brands explore for new ways to engage with their fans.”

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The Original Code of the World Wide Web Will Be Auctioned as an NFT by Sotheby’s

The luxury auction house Sotheby’s announced on Tuesday that it will auction off a non-fungible token containing the original source code for the World Wide Web next month.



Digital files such as music, video, and artifacts are represented by NFTs, which are one-of-a-kind collectibles. On June 23, the NFT for the code, which was created by British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, will go on sale, with bids starting at $1,000. Berners-Lee has signed this NFT, which includes his original time-stamped files.

“What is the purpose of an NFT? It’s a natural thing to do when you’re a computer scientist and you’ve been writing code for a long time.” He went on to say, “It feels natural to digitally sign my autograph on a purely digital item.”

The NFT also includes an animated visualization of the code, a letter written by Berners-Lee about the code and his process of creating it, and a digital “poster” of the entire code generated from the original files using Python, which includes a graphic of his physical signature and is all digitally signed.

The NFT files comprise around 9,555 lines of code, which incorporate components of the three languages and one protocol established by Berners-Lee: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), and URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) (Uniform Resource Identifiers).

Berners-Lee said in a statement, “Three decades ago, I built something that, with the subsequent cooperation of a great number of partners around the world, has been a significant weapon for humankind. NFTs, whether they are artworks or digital artefacts like this, are the most recent playful creations in this area, as well as the most acceptable method of ownership. They’re the perfect method to package the origins of the internet.”

The entire sale earnings will go to causes that Berners-Lee and his wife support.

The auction is Sotheby’s third featuring NFTs. In April, the auction house sold its first NFT by unknown digital artist Pak, and only last week, it sold its second NFT, a rare CryptoPunk, for nearly $12 million.

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