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Take a Bite Out of Hunger NFT Series is a collaboration between Dole and ‘Hungry Artist’ David Datuna

The funds raised will be used to combat food insecurity and provide healthy nutrition in collaboration with Boys & Girls Clubs.



The Dole Sunshine Company has teamed up with acclaimed artist David Datuna to produce an NFT range inspired by their Sunshine for All TM rallying cry. The aim is to raise global awareness of food insecurity and malnutrition while also raising funds to combat hunger today. On May 6 at 3:30 p.m. PST, the works will be available for purchase via the NFT auction site

Dole has collaborated with Datuna to create an NFT series to further the brand’s aim of making healthy foods available to one billion people, which was inspired by Datuna’s viral banana-eating moment at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2019, which won him the nickname “The Hungry Artist.” With nearly a quarter of the world’s population suffering moderate to extreme food insecurity and one-third of food produced for human consumption lost or wasted, the need for healthy nutrition has never been greater.

The Hungry Artist, David Datuna, said, “I’m a huge fan of companies that recognize their responsibility for stewardship and respect Dole’s goals to help ending hunger, achieving food sustainability, ending food waste, and promoting sustainable agriculture.” “My NFT series for Dole tells this tale through symbolic animations, sound, and imagery, in addition to the physical artwork.”

The collaboration is part of the global Dole Promise, which seeks to improve access to healthy nutrition, reduce food waste, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing food waste, plastics in packaging, and greenhouse gas emissions. The brand has already been hard at work around the world, and in 2020 it announced a collaboration with a number of public and private organizations in Jackson, Mississippi, including the local Boys & Girls Club.

Sunshine for All TM Cities is a Dole program that brings healthy food and nutrition to food deserts. The proceeds from the NFT sales will go to Boys & Girls Clubs to help them finance nutrition and hunger-related programs, such as Dole’s Sunshine for All CitiesTM initiative. The Dole Sunshine Company hopes to raise funds through this initiative to expand this program and other nutrition-focused initiatives around the country, strengthening the partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs and bringing education, pop-up farmers markets, and nutritious food to cities across the country, including ongoing efforts in Jackson and expanding to Baltimore and beyond later this year.

“We cannot achieve our goal of providing healthy nutrition to one billion people by 2025 on our own. This is why we look for partners that share our principles, including David Datuna and the BGC,” said Pier-Luigi Sigismondi, global president of the Food and Beverage Group. “In order to achieve structural change, we must combine meaning, imagination, innovation, and technology. This initiative best exemplifies our desire to make a positive difference in the world. David’s viewpoint on using art and digital media as a medium for recognition and social change is one that clearly resonates and encourages us as a brand that can literally eat its purpose.”

Taking a Bite Out of Hunger

Datuna will produce a five-part series focusing on the inextricable connection between food security and nutrition. The NFTs would symbolize people banding together to combat hunger. Sunshine for All, the fifth and final piece, is a pop-art influenced montage of the first four pieces that emphasizes the importance of closing the gaps in access to healthy nutrition for all. This work will also exist as a physical object, with Datuna’s signature lens technique, a layered composition symbolizing society’s various points of view.

On May 6th, the entire art series will be available for purchase. The fifth montage piece will be on view in a virtual gallery (Decentraland) as well as a physical location in New York City, which will be revealed soon, until May 8th.

The NFT’s net proceeds will be donated to Boys & Girls Clubs to support wellness and hunger-related programming, such as the Sunshine for All TM Cities initiative. In addition, Dole is collaborating with decarbonization advisor Aerial to develop a climate-positive approach to reduce the environmental effects of the NFT sale. This will have little effect on the amount of money earned at the auction, and it will ensure that any potential sales are properly offset.

Starting April 28, 2021, additional auction information will be available via Rarible.

Visit for more updates and to keep up with the auctions.

About The Dole Sunshine Company

The name Dole Sunshine Company is used to reflect Dole Asia Holdings, Dole Worldwide Packaged Foods, and Dole Asia Fresh’s global interests and combined efforts. Dole Sunshine Company is not a real business entity that does business in any country or territory. Visit or for more details on Dole Sunshine Company.

About David Datuna

David Datuna is a Georgian-born American artist best known for his Viewpoint of Millions series, which includes portraits of Jay-Z, Steve Jobs, Marilyn Monroe, and others, and his revolutionary Viewpoint of Billions series, which debuted at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and featured wearable technology. David’s work can be seen in prestigious art fairs and galleries around the world, including Art Miami and The Armory Show. Datuna was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 1974, and moved to New York City to start his career as an artist. Datuna’s work, as a self-taught artist, takes abstraction in a new direction.

About Rarible

Rarible is an online store for non-fiction books. It provides artists and enthusiasts with a forum to make, collect, and exchange digital collectibles. Alexei Falin and Alex Salnikov founded Rarible in the beginning of 2020. Rarible’s aim is to become a completely decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), with active platform users controlling decision-making and organization. They want to make it a public platform that is open to users by allowing developers and collectors to submit platform ideas and vote on platform updates.

About Boys & Girls Clubs

Boys & Girls Clubs of America ( has offered a healthy environment for children and teenagers to learn and develop for over 160 years. During vital non-school hours, clubs include compassionate adult mentors, fun and fellowship, and high-impact youth development services. Academic achievement, good character and leadership, and safe lifestyles are all promoted by Boys & Girls Clubs programming. Via Club membership and community outreach, over 4,700 Clubs reach out to 4.6 million young people. Clubs can be found in cities, towns, public housing, and native lands around the country, and BGCA-affiliated Youth Centers on US military installations across the world serve military families.

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A YouTuber has Exchanged his Tesla Roadster for an NFT

“Looking back in a year, two years, or three years, this could be a monumentally idiotic decision, but it could also be a fantastic decision,” Dan Markham said.



Dan Markham, the creator of the What’s Inside YouTube channel with seven million subscribers, has swapped his Tesla Roadster for a single nonfungible token.

Markham traded a blue Tesla Roadster — which he claimed may be worth “a quarter-million dollars pretty soon” — for a nonfungible token of a “positive porcupine” in a video posted to his What’s Inside Family channel on Sept. 15. The NFT was created as part of the VeeFriends project and is owned by Eli Burton, the creator of the graphic novel The Adventures of Starman.

“Looking back in a year, two years, three years, it may be a monumentally idiotic decision, but it could also be a fantastic decision. I feel these automobiles will hold their worth for a long time, and I am a firm believer in NFTs.”

YouTuber added:

“It’s a picture for a car — clearly he’s getting the better end of this deal.”

Before learning of Markham’s offer, Burton said he had planned to sell the digital painting for more than $100,000. But, according to the graphic novelist, trading the NFT for the car was “as simple as supply and demand,” as there were 10,000 tokens available at a starting price of $60,000 apiece. VeeFriends has a list of 40 porcupines that seem alike in a range of settings.

“Having it makes practically no difference in terms of money – whether it’s in a collector automobile or a collectible NFT — it’s still collectible,” Markham said.

Even though the two collectors exchanged NFTs on the blockchain, the transaction was primarily conducted in the real world, with Markham physically handing Burton the Tesla’s paper title and key. The porcupine is presently listed on OpenSea with a top bid of 16.339 Wrapped Ether (WETH) — around $56,445 at the time of publication — but Markham stated that he intends to keep the NFT in order to obtain access to a VeeFriends token holders-only conference.

NFTs have also been linked to physical collectibles by certain cryptocurrency users. For example, in July, an entrepreneur held simultaneous auctions for an Apple co-founder Steve Jobs job application and an NFT. The actual paper sold for $343,000, while the NFT received a final bid of 12 Ether (ETH), or $27,460 at the moment.

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NFTs Inspired by Freddie Mercury is Being Released to Benefit an AIDS Charity

On the 75th anniversary of his birth, the renowned musician is honored with a special NFT collection.



Four digital collectible artworks inspired by the late Freddie Mercury will be auctioned soon. On what would have been the singer’s 75th birthday, the auction will take place.

Blake Kathryn, Chad Knight, Mat Maitland, and MBSJQ contributed artwork to the collectibles. SuperRare, a digital art marketplace, will host the timed auction. It will go live on September 20th and will last 75 hours, according to the organizers.

Furthermore, the auction earnings will benefit the Mercury Phoenix Trust, an AIDS charity. The nonprofit was formed in remembrance of the singer by Queen band members Brian May and Roger Taylor and band manager Jim Beach.

Three of the NFTs in the collection feature images of the performer himself. The fourth image depicts a white grand piano with a crown on the seat and a goldfish pond in the background.

Both SupreRare and the charity linked the effort to Mercury’s inventiveness in a joint statement. “When Freddie Mercury died, he left the world an obvious artistic brief. ‘You can do whatever you want with my work as long as you don’t bore me.’

NFT Commemorations

The popularity and activity of the NFT market has exploded in the recent year. These digital collectibles took over key mainstream industries, resulting in the emergence of a digital metaverse. Some, such as Tether’s co-founder, predict that in the future, “every consumer product will have an NFT.”

Like the Freddie Mercury NFT, various examples of this technology have been deployed in space for commemorative and charitable objectives.

Beeple, a well-known digital artist, sold an NFT for $6 million and donated the earnings to the OpenEarth Foundation. Pele, a Brazilian footballer, also sold NFTs as digital trading cards and donated the proceeds to his charity.

NFTs also allow for the creation of a digital capsule or a remembrance of something or someone. For example, Russel Simmons and Snoop Dogg just released an NFT anthology honoring hip-hop music pioneers. Never-before-seen artwork and music from industry giants were featured in The Masterminds of Hip Hop.

Commemorative NFTs are popular outside of the music industry as well. Unreleased images of Kobe Bryant were put up for auction as NFTs in August. Bryant was photographed while he was an 18-year-old basketball player.

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Do you Aspire to be President? You Can Now Purchase the White House as a Virtual Property NFT

For decades, the White House has served as a symbol of the American people and democratic values. Until today, the public could only fantasize about possessing an actual model of the White House for their house. However, you may now own a piece of history—as well as home decor—by purchasing an NFT powered by Next Earth.



Who is the owner of a piece of history?

Many well-known landmarks have historical significance for the cities in which they are located. Maybe one day, you’ll be able to “purchase” a section of the Great Wall of China or a space on Mount Rushmore. The public, however, now has that ability with the purchase of an NFT on Next Earth. Likewise, on the Ethereum blockchain, you can own land tiles of the White House by simply picking them from a map of the world.

What is the value of it? No one knows how the digital real estate replica phenomena will develop because the notion is still in its early stages. Virtual properties, on the other hand, have been sold for large sums in past virtual worlds. As a result, it’s possible that an NFT version of the White House could one day be sold for a considerable sum—much like a house—in the future.

Putting Together a Virtual Real Estate Portfolio

Although the White House serves as the residence of the President of the United States, it is also a significant piece of real estate. The same may be said of numerous famous properties worldwide, whether or not they are political milestones.

Take a glance at any large city on the earth, and you’ll see that it has its own set of valuable assets, whether virtual or tangible. Furthermore, because you can develop nearly anything on land, it is the place to be.

So, what if you could purchase a plot of land in a major city? In a world where everything is now a piece of digital real estate, a plot of land that would be yours to develop – yours to do with as you please? That is precisely what Next Earth is constructing.

The Metaverse’s Implications

The White House NFT is just one of several high-profile real estate properties available for purchase in the metaverse. The metaverse represents the ability to own digital real estate in virtual environments. Virtual real estate can be owned, developed, and monetized in the metaverse.

We’ve already seen many significant business leaders tweet about buying NFTs and other virtual real estate assets in the metaverse, such as sports memorabilia. As more organizations and individuals get on board with investing in digital real estate, this trend will only continue to increase.

The Metaverse in the Future

These days, the metaverse craze is all the rage, and virtual real estate is no exception. One of the metaverse’s possible futures is similar to Ready Player One but without the dismal components. Virtual real estate based on NFT is already a reality, and Next Earth is leading the way.

Second Life and The Sims were among the first to provide Metaverse 1.0, which is a centralized virtual world that you can explore, construct, and play with. But, of course, at the end of the day, the centralized firm in the middle would be in charge of your assets.

For the first time, Metaverse 2.0 integrates blockchain technology with a digital duplicate of Earth, allowing users to hold rare digital assets that can be brought to life. Within the metaverse, users form communities that provide chances for interaction with other users and the construction of virtual structures.

Metaverse 3.0 is the way things will be in the future: It’s a hybrid of virtual reality, metaverse 2.0, and blockchain technology. This is a digital rendering of what our home planet would look like if we turned it into a virtual reality experience. People will interact with the real world via digital avatars, communicate as if they were in person, and construct virtual reality-only objects. The infrastructure required for this new version of the metaverse to operate safely, securely, and transparently is provided by the blockchain, the technology that allows bitcoin to act as money rather than merely a digital currency.

In their metaverse, Next Earth is now selling virtual land tracts. The NFT-based metaverse is already an amazing development and yet another illustration of how blockchain and NFTs are transforming our lives, with more intriguing innovations in the pipeline, such as pixel-based land art.

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