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NFL to NFT – Super Bowl champion Vernon Davis offers fans the “Golden Ticket”

Vernon Davis, who is now actively involved in the movie industry, talks about his new digital collectibles and how Mark Cuban and Rob Gronkowski drew him into the NFT game.



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Vernon Davis gained a reputation for his quickness and reaction pace on the field during his 14 years in the NFL, which included a Super Bowl victory with the Denver Broncos in 2016. Since retiring last year, he’s used that same versatility off the field, quickly moving into acting and producing, with several films in the works.

Now he’s getting into crypto-collectibles while the iron is still hot. Davis is releasing a series of digital collectibles as NFTs on Rarible today. 

The drop includes limited-edition animated trading cards, 3D renders of a signed football, cleats, and a Davis action figure, however, a 1 of 1 “Jump Man” NFT—which has yet to be released, comes with a “golden ticket” that gives the buyer a chance to meet Davis on a future film set.

The concept came from his philanthropic work, which often included auctions with a meet-and-greet aspect. Although the “golden ticket” is officially for a meet-up with Davis, Davis said that the opportunity to visit a film set could carry other surprises as well.

Davis, who has shot seven separate films since retiring from the NFL, said, “I think it’s a perfect opportunity for them because you never know who you’ll see as far as the cast.” He himself manages two film production firms, as well as having invested in a third. Davis referred to his acting and producing as a “new lane” in his career.

Davis is the most recent high-profile football player to jump into crypto collectible NFTs during the current boom, which saw $342 million in trading volume across the top three NFT marketplaces in February alone. In a recent NFT decline, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski made more than $1.6 million in Ethereum, while Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes made $3.7 million, by selling crypto artwork.

NBA Top Shot and its more than $500 million in trading volume have helped to propel founder Dapper Labs’ newly-announced valuation of $2.6 billion through a $305 million funding round, making it the biggest winner of the early NFT push in the sports world. All kinds of athletes, from skateboarding giant Tony Hawk to New York Mets player Pete Alonso, are jumping into the NFT game. Vernon Davis has now jumped on the wagon.

Davis said that he got interested in the NFT space because of his good friend Rob Gronkowski, who was already involved and was doing great with NFTs, so he had Mark Cuban’s team reach out, so they could collaborate and create something unique. That’s how he made the first few steps into the NFT game, and although he did not have a lot of knowledge about it, it intrigued him.

Davis revealed that he does own some cryptocurrency, but that he’s being careful investing in it: “I try to be careful with it since it’s so volatile,” he said about crypto assets. “I just want to take my time with it, but I do have a little bit.”

Though Davis appears to have plenty of options in his post-playing career, he welcomed the emergence of NFTs as a viable choice for athletes and celebrities looking to leverage their name while still creating something potentially useful.

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Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian luxury brand, has an NFT booth in SoHo

Customers can create and mint their own Ethereum-backed non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on OpenSea at a booth set up by Salvatore Ferragamo, an upscale clothing company with its headquarters in Florence, New York.



The Salvatore Ferragamo concept store in the city’s SoHo neighborhood opened its doors on Friday, and the booth is a part of a bigger debut of the business. All visitors are eligible to receive free NFTs, which are limited to 256 in total. The brand will pay all associated costs up front to mint an NFT.

For the launch, the company is collaborating with artist Shxpir, who has previously created holographic handbags for businesses like Coach. Shxpir has produced 3D digital graphic elements for the NFTs for Salvatore Ferragamo.

Just one day after NFT, there will be a launch.

After a week of discussions about how fashion businesses may tap into the Web3 and NFT arena, NYC, a conference about non-fungible tokens in Times Square, comes to an end. Famous companies have lately debuted their own NFT collections, including Gucci, Prada, Bulgari, and many others.

Salvatore Ferragamo has previously entered the online space.

The company collaborated with Obsess, a virtual and augmented reality software platform that aids businesses in the establishment of interactive online storefronts and virtual experiences, last year. Customers could explore a virtual mansion that featured Ferragamo goods at the online store dubbed “House of Gifts.”

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The crypto decline may be used by Binance to increase its market share in NFT

Football fans will soon have the opportunity to buy “an iconic piece of sports history” thanks to a collaboration between Cristiano Ronaldo and Binance.



CR7 is starting to participate in NFTs.

The football phenom revealed his exclusive collaboration with Binance today. The multi-year contract, according to Ronaldo, will provide fans the chance to “own an iconic piece of sports history” and take part in his Web3 community.

In a video, Ronaldo stated, “Today we are going to transform the NFT game and move football to the next level.”

The Binance-controlled exchange and the Binance Smart Chain are two of the largest elements of one of cryptocurrency’s largest ecosystems (BSC). With 407 different protocols built atop it and $5.92 billion in value locked, BSC is the second-most used blockchain (after Ethereum).

Binance has had trouble creating a thriving native NFT ecosystem despite these great figures. With only $79 million in total trade volume, PancakeSwap, the decentralized exchange and flagship protocol of Binance, ranks twenty out of the NFT markets (OpenSea and LooksRare, two Ethereum marketplaces, had respective trading volumes of $31.24 billion and $23.23 billion).

Therefore, the alliance with Ronaldo might be interpreted as an effort by Binance to add value to BSC and start growing the NFT market share of the blockchain. On this retweet of the formal announcement, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao “CZ” may have hinted as much: “Now, we start.”

This week saw the announcement of several noteworthy NFT partnerships, such as Pharell Williams’ recent appointment as Chief Brand Officer for the Doodles line.

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NHL Opens Hockey Collectibles NFT Marketplace

The NHL, along with its Alumni Association and Players’ Association, said on Thursday that it has joined with NFT platform Sweet to build a distinctive NFT marketplace and libraries of NFTs—individual blockchain tokens that denote ownership.



The NHL’s market will fall between a full-fledged NFT trading platform and a website that enables momentary NFT drops, according to David Lehanski, the league’s executive vice president of business development and innovation.

By creating an NFT marketplace with exclusive releases, the NHL hopes to give fans a little bit of both. In preparation for the commencement of the 2022–2023 season, the NHL’s Sweet marketplace is anticipated to launch in October.

The NHL aims to gamify NFTs with “questing and collecting” components so that fans will interact and can be rewarded with benefits like other NFTs, according to Lehanski, who spoke to Decrypt.

Depending on a player’s performance, some of the NFTs will also be dynamic and alter over time. According to a statement, NFTs will also include “cinematic game highlights from past and present NHL seasons” or surprise packs of NFTs that may be seen in “3D interactive trophy rooms.”

Lehanski claimed that the NHL wasn’t yet ready to reveal which blockchain it would be constructing on. Though it might be on Polygon or Tezos if Sweet’s offerings are any indicator.

Lehanski stated, “We’re looking at everything,” and that the NHL’s top priorities in its search for a blockchain include “cheap gas expenses” and “environmental sustainability.”

The NHL is one of the most recent major professional sports leagues to enter the NFT market, following the NBA’s Top Shot NFTs, the NFL’s “play and own” NFT game, and MLB’s impending NFT contest.

Lehanski commented on the NHL’s approach to NFTs, saying, “There was clearly a lot of temptation to potentially moving very rapidly […] but we thought that was a little shortsighted.” He added that, in his opinion, spending the time to investigate indicators like fan behavior was worthwhile. Especially in relation to digital collectibles and gaming, NFTs have a long-term future as relevant and meaningful items for enthusiasts.

But according to Sweet CEO Tom Mizzone, the NHL’s NFTs won’t simply be targeted at hockey fans who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies; seasoned NFT collectors will also be able to participate in a way that feels natural to them.

It will undoubtedly appeal to that degen culture, he continued, but not to the extent that it excludes fancier consumer bases.

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