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Exclusive Interview: Nicolas Julia, CEO & Co-Founder of Sorare

Sorare is taking the NFT space by storm. It is a collective fantasy football experience with more than 4 billion potential user base across the world. We had the pleasure of chatting with its CEO and Co-Founder Nicolas Julia.



1. We know you as Co-founder and CEO of Sorare. What about your life and business endeavors before that, can you tell us a little more about that? How did the idea for the Sorare project come about?

In the summer of 2018 my co-founder Adrien and I decided to launch Sorare because we discovered a technology enabling the creation of scarce digital items (also known as NFTs today). We were immediately fascinated by it.
The creation of digital scarce goods thanks to blockchain technology is unlocking the act of collecting in the digital space. 

As two huge football fans, we wanted to build something that we could use daily, that would help us connect with football in a fun way. We decided to create scarce digital cards mixed with one of the most coveted intellectual properties in the world, football players. Now we had scarce digital cards.

But since these cards are digital, we can give them utility. We decided to make this new class of collectibles usable in a compelling global fantasy football game. That way, we could engage fans over the years, one on the collecting aspect of these cards but also on the gaming aspect.

2. When was the first time you got involved in cryptocurrencies, and more importantly, NFTs?

I got involved in cryptocurrencies and blockchain a bit before starting my role as VP Operations at Stratumn at, beginning of 2016. NFTs I started collecting some end of 2017, beginning of 2018 and that’s when we had the idea for Sorare.

3. Let’s dig a little deeper into Sorare. Tell us more about the project. How would you describe Sorare to somebody that does not know about it yet? (probably not a lot of those anymore)

Sorare is a unique game experience, with a real-world impact and secured by the Blockchain. Through tradable digital cards, Sorare is designing a collective fantasy football experience where users manage their favorite players and hone their passion to earn prizes. Anyone, anywhere, can connect with the beautiful game on Sorare.

4. We would love to know about your team. Who are the key members and what do they do to keep the project interesting to the crowds?

We’ve got a team of 17 people working at Sorare. We’ve got over 20+ open roles, recruiting a world-class team to become the game within the game. 

5. Let’s say we want to get involved in Sorare and jump in the game of fantasy football! How do we start? Do you have any tips for us, regarding the game? What’s a good starting budget? Do you find the time to play the game yourself?

Create an account on the Sorare platform. Users can then start collecting their cards.
Once you’ve collected your first card after the onboarding, you can compose your first team.
Enjoy the live experience of seeing your players compete in real life and watch your team score on Sorare. Earn rewards if you’ve built a great team, that can be both new cards and merchandising. 

Every single tournament on Sorare is completely free to enter. However if you want to participate in specific tournaments, you will have to collect a team of 5 cards that will cost around 200 euros today, depending on the players that you are collecting. 

6. Let’s look at NFTs in general for a moment. The market has gone crazy in 2021, Q1 was 2000% bigger in terms of sales comparing it to Q4 in 2020. Prices of digital collectibles and memorabilia are skyrocketing, what is your take on that, is it way overhyped or is that just the new reality? Do you own any NFT digital collectibles yourself, if so, which ones?

The major advantage of NFTs on Sorare is that they are provenly scarce. This creates inherent value. Blockchain technology gives Sorare cards superpowers: digital scarcity, true ownership, authenticity, and most importantly interoperability.

We are building more than collectibles. Our digital cards have a utility that can be used in our global fantasy football games but also myriads of games. The utility is what will make NFTs here to stay. 

However, we’ve seen NFTs capture culture like never before from Art to Gaming, helping artists monetize their work and subsidizing their future work. We’re only at the beginning of what this technology can bring. 

If the massive spike in interest might be temporarily overvalued, the trend is not. Like most innovations, there can always be a bit of frothiness and euphoria in the market. The major advantages of Sorare NFTs is that they are:

1. Provenly scarce (it is known by inspecting the NFT contract or looking on Sorare)
2. Have utility (you can use Sorare cards in multiple games developed by Sorare, Ubisoft, and indie game developers)

7. So, at the moment, most of the NFTs currently are connected to art, memorabilia, digital collectibles, but we can see already that NFTs could be useful in “the real world.” Do you see NFTs as something that can change the world in the future, because some people see it just as the latest overhyped crypto trend?

NFTs are changing the way we consume culture. They act as a store of culture and I think we’re only scratching the surface of what we’ll be able to do with NFTs in the future. I’m very excited about NFTs as access to a cultural experience.

8. The cryptocurrency market has taken a pretty steep downturn, Bitcoin dropped about 50% from its all-time high market value of $60,000. How did that affect Sorare?

Sorare is not dependent on the crypto market, most of our users are not crypto enthusiasts but rather fantasy football fans. 

9. Last but not least: what’s in store for Sorare, what are some of your future plans and visions for the project?

Sorare is building new ways to be connected to the game and other fans. We want to become the game in the game, allowing football supporters to express their fandom and passion in ways that were unimaginable just a year ago. We’ve started with football, the world’s most popular sport. We’re laser-focused on football. There are 4 billion people that are football fans around the world. We feel that the opportunity is huge to build the most compelling football digital collectible platform there is out there, with great games around it. 

We would like to thank Nicolas Julia and the Sorare team for this extensive interview, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for this amazing project. If you want to know more about Sorare and experience it firsthand, go to:


SAND, FLOW, and AUDIO — NFT Tokens Start Moving Upward

FLOW (FLOW) and The Sandbox (SAND) have broken out of a long-term declining resistance line.



The $0.87 horizontal support area has been regained by Audius (AUDIO).

All three of these NFTs have shown the ability to resume their upward movements in the direction of their nearest resistances.


Since March 27, SAND has been falling alongside a declining resistance line. It broke out above this line on July 3 and achieved a high of $0.692 on July 17. Just above the 0.618 Fib retracement resistance line, the high was set.

After generating a long upper wick, SAND was unable to maintain the upward movement and decreased.

Technical indications are still positive despite the decline. The RSI and MACD are both above zero. Although the Stochastic oscillator is rising, it has yet to make a bearish cross.

The coin has already completed a five-wave bullish structure (orange) with an extended fifth wave, according to the shorter-term 4-hour chart (black).

It then bounced after retracing all the way to the $0.35-$0.38 support region. The 0.618 Fib retracement support level and a horizontal support area form the support.

SAND must remain above the $0.35-$0.38 support region for the upward trend to continue. It is anticipated to break out from the 0.618 Fib retracement resistance level at $0.61 and advance towards $0.90 if successful.


  • SAND broke out from a descending resistance line.
  • Short-term indicators are bullish.


Since reaching a low of $6.01 on June 22, FLOW has been steadily rising. It broke out of a declining resistance line that has been there since April on July 7.

The coin continued to rise until it hit the 0.382 Fib retracement resistance level at $20, where it was rejected.

Technical indicators are still bullish despite the decrease, as the MACD is positive and the RSI is above 50.

The 0.618 Fib retracement resistance level at $20.80 is the next barrier.

A completed bullish impulse and subsequent A-B-C corrective structure can be seen on the shorter-term six-hour chart (black).

SAND’s decline slowed as it hit the 0.618 Fib retracement support level at $11.51. Since then, the token has been steadily increasing in value.

Both the MACD and the RSI are growing, indicating that the upward trend will continue.

As a result, FLOW will probably seek to break out above $20 again, possibly increasing to $28.80.


  • FLOW has broken out from a descending resistance line.
  • It is facing resistance at $20 and $28.80


The price of FLOW has broken through a declining resistance line.
Since March 27, when it hit an all-time high of $4.99, AUDIO has been declining. The declining trend continued until June 22, when the price hit a low of $0.59. This has resulted in a breakdown from the $0.87 horizontal support level (red icon).

The price of FLOW has broken through a declining resistance line.
However, the token quickly reclaimed the level and has now confirmed it as support (green icon). If the upward trend continues, the nearest point of resistance will be at $2.05.

Technical indications, on the other hand, are quite neutral. The RSI is at 50, and the MACD is barely below 0 on the chart. Furthermore, even if it has not yet made a bearish cross, the Stochastic oscillator is going downwards.

AUDIO has broken down from a rising support line and is currently validating it as resistance on the two-hour chart.

The token must regain this line for the short-term trend to be considered bullish.


  • AUDIO has reclaimed the $0.87 support area.
  • It has broken down from an ascending support line.

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DeFine, a Social NFT Platform, Has Raised $5 Million From Asian Investors

In Asia, the market for nonfungible tokens appears to be expanding. DeFine has received funding from a number of companies and venture capital funds in order to offer NFTs to a wider audience.



DeFine, a socially conscious nonfungible token platform has raised $5 million in strategic funding as part of a larger drive to bring more businesses into the NFT space.

Huobi Ventures, Abyss, an eSports entertainment firm, and PearlAbyss, a global game developer, lead the round, the company revealed Tuesday. Draper Dragon, NGC Ventures, and SevenX Ventures were among the Asian blockchain funds that attended.

DeFine’s worldwide operations lead, Myoung Hoon Kang, said, “It is my joy to have these significant gaming and entertainment organizations in Asia as key investors. Through strategic investment and collaboration, we will be able to establish new market potential in a variety of industries jointly.”

Investors will receive direct support from DeFine in connecting to the NFT market as part of their strategic investment. The company’s ambition is to build Asia’s largest NFT ecosystem. One of its key goals is to introduce NFTs to the general public, starting with the gaming and entertainment industries.

DeFine bills itself as a social NFT platform for artists, musicians, gamers, influencers, and athletes. Users of the platform have NFT-based social profiles that showcase their accomplishments and contributions to the network.

According to DappRadar data, the sale of NFTs increased by $2.5 billion in the first half of 2021. Gaming and entertainment are two of the most common NFT applications. This trend has been noticed by venture capitalists, who have spent millions of dollars into NFT-focused firms this year alone.

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NFT Marketplace Based on Tron APENFT Burns $2.52 Million in NFT: Details

On Tron, the largest token burn incident in the history of the digital collectibles market occurred.



On the Tron (TRX) blockchain, APENFT is a pioneering ecosystem for non-fungible tokens. It recently revealed the details of a large token burn event.

NFT Tokens Worth $2.52 Million Were Destroyed

On July 16, 2021, 1.03 trillion of APENFT’s core native NFT assets were destroyed, according to an official notice made on social media by the APENFT team.

This huge quantity was equivalent to $2,520,000 at the moment of the token burn. As a result, this is the most significant increase in scarcity since the APENFT marketplace was launched.

The tokens were sent to T9yD14Nj9j7xAB4dbGeiX9h8unkKLxmGkn, an all-zero Tron (TRX) account, where they were destroyed for good. Therefore, this large batch of tokens has been removed from the NFT circulating supply.

The vast figure is the same as the price of Andy Warhol’s Three Self-Portraits, which APENFT recently purchased on the newly created Binance NFT marketplace.

APENFT Collaborates With Well-known Art Markets

Because NFT is both a governance and a utility token in the APENFT ecosystem, token burn events are exclusively decided by the NFT holders.

On July 7, a community referendum was held, and the proposal was approved on July 10.

Christie’s and Sotheby’s, two famed auction houses, have already joined with APENFT, the first-ever NFT marketplace on Tron. In addition, it has formed a partnership with Beeple and Nifty Gateway, two digital collectibles legends.

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Bitcoin (BTC) $ 32,178.00 0.81%
Ethereum (ETH) $ 2,010.75 0.93%
Tether (USDT) $ 1.00 0.07%
Chiliz (CHZ) $ 0.227016 1.99%
Enjin Coin (ENJ) $ 1.12 0.90%
Decentraland (MANA) $ 0.634242 7.09%
Flow (FLOW) $ 18.25 8.96%
The Sandbox (SAND) $ 0.581953 13.96%
WAX (WAXP) $ 0.122415 1.97%
ECOMI (OMI) $ 0.002894 2.66%
Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) $ 0.156617 2.09%